37 Newest Bracelets Ideas For Women

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Women’s jewellery has evolved over time with new and different types of jewellery coming on the market year in year out as well as returning fashion trends. One of the main pieces of jewellery for a woman that has seen returning fashion trends many years later is bracelets. Bracelets come in all different styles and sizes.

Charm bracelets for example were a big hit 30 odd years ago with the more traditional style charm bracelets where people would buy a new charm for a birthday or anniversary each year. These styles of charm bracelet have made a return along with a new style of beaded charm bracelets which are very popular at the moment and come with a whole range of different beads meaning you can end up having a different bracelet for each outfit that you own.

Beaded fashion jewellery is very popular as you can get this reasonably cheap and can use it to accessorise and pair it up with your favourite outfits. On the other hand some people prefer to only buy either gold or silver which can be a little more expensive but there are some lovely bracelets with stones and crystals embedded into them that look very pretty and can give your outfit an extra sparkle.

All people have different tastes and whilst some like chunky bracelets others prefer more of a dainty style bracelet. When making a decision about which bracelet would suit a woman considers a lot of different things the main one usually being the women’s wrist size as if you have a small wrist it can be harder to find the right bracelet for you. I personally prefer a bracelet that you can take links out of if it needs to be adjusted otherwise you end up with a bracelet that falls off your wrist constantly. Another bracelet that can be a great fit is a stretchy bracelet if made where it starts off small and stretches to size.

Bangles have returned in popularity over the years with women wearing four or five at a time to give a layered effect. These bracelets come in various sizes of chunkiness and a mixture of colours from plain silver and gold to brighter colours such as blues and reds.

Another bracelet to recently make a comeback is the friendship bracelet. Years ago children used to make them by weaving them but now a more stylish range of friendship bracelets are on the market incorporating woven materials with a hint of silver to make even women want to wear them.

So whatever you are looking for when it comes to a bracelet there is something for everyone and take a look in your jewellery box and you might find that the bracelet you just couldn’t throw away all those years ago has made a comeback in fashion.


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