37 Luxury Dresscode Ideas For Bridesmaid

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There is no doubt that in a wedding the bride is the superstar and (hopefully) the happiest woman. But a bride can’t handle a wedding alone, there must be a lot of supporting roles from family to friends, and bridesmaids are the second shining stars amongst them all.

Thus if you’re lucky enough to be asked to be a bridesmaid then hard work must be devoted to being the perfect helper for your friend on her big day. So below let’s check out what exactly needs to be done:

As a bridesmaid you should first be aware what the bride is going to wear, what kind of wedding it is going to be, and if there are any special arrangements for the event. A very regular idea is to make sure that the bridesmaid dresses’ styles complement that of the bride’s wedding gown. For instance, if the bride wears a large, ornate dress, then the bridesmaids could wear relatively dressy ones too. The colors should of course be harmonious with the wedding’s theme (if there is one).

Generally speaking, there is a theme for the wedding, which further determines the style and colors the bride and bridesmaids should wear. Big fairytale weddings tend to be formal and require long skirts and plenty of decoration, whereas a less formal, smaller gathering suits more modern dresses. Many brides choose a couple of colors for their theme, for instance silver and purple.

In this case bridesmaid dresses can fall in line with this by being a permutation of silver or purple, as the flowers, favors and other elements will be following this color code.

The color can be a little bit lighter or a different shade though. This doesn’t need to be too obvious, just enough to tell the difference is OK.

Whether bridesmaid dresses have a long or short skirt and are formal or casual depends largely on the time of the wedding. If it lasts until an evening banquet, then a long skirt dresses is a must; and if the bride’s skirt reaches the floor, the skirts of bridesmaid dresses should also be a similar length. However if the wedding is in the daytime, especially outdoors, then the skirt can be shorter. Either way, they should be one-piece dresses, not suits.

Usually bridesmaids pay for their dresses and other outfits, so it would be wise for the bride and the bridesmaids to get together in advance and discuss the style and the color of the dresses before going to a boutique or dress store. It’s especially important to do this if there are several bridesmaids. It won’t be a good look if the girls are all in different or ill-fitting dresses. On the contrary, unified dresses will add good style points to the wedding and leave the guests with a good impression.

As mentioned, all elements in a wedding should be in harmony, including the table covers, bouquets and dresses. If the dresses are simple, then perhaps the patterns of the table covers should also be simple; but if the dresses are complicated in color and style, then the table covers can be exquisite in pattern. In a word, well organized weddings are those which have well matching elements.


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