39 Rustic Hairstyle Ideas For Wedding

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There is nothing sweeter and more radiant than a bride walking down the aisle with flowers in her hair. The wearing of flowers is quite popular with many brides. Many opt for having fresh flowers to wear on their big day. You too can do this for your wedding.

First of all decide what type of flowers that you would like to use. You can choose from a single bold bloom or a spray of delicate little flowers. If you have an idea of what your wedding hairstyle will be, this would make it easier to decide.

The main rule is that if you have a very simple up do, or a no-fuss hairstyle, then a single big flower would look the best. For this you can choose strong single blooms like the orchid or the lily. Among popular choices are the cymbidium orchid, and the Asiatic lily.

Should your wedding hairstyle be something more intricate then you should look for smaller more delicate flowers. Some clusters of asters or baby’s breath would look really magnificent in a chignon. You can also try stephanotis.

When choosing flowers for your wedding hairstyle, you should try to look for flowers that are in season. This will make it cheaper and easier to get. Do take note that there are some flowers that you shouldn’t use, as shouldn’t be near your skin. Get help and pointers from your florist.

When wearing fresh flowers in your hair, you should bear these things in mind. To keep your flowers looking fresh, you should store them in the cooler or the refrigerator. Only take them out when you are absolutely ready to use them. After you are satisfied with your hairstyle, mist it with hairspray one last time. Do this before attaching the flowers as some ingredients in the hairspray can damage your delicate flowers.

Wearing fresh blooms as the hairstyle for your wedding could look great on you. Just make sure you pick the right flower for the right hairstyle.