43 Cute Nose Makeup Ideas For This Year

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The first step is to discover your face shape. This will help you make informed choices about your hairstyle, makeup, spectacles and earrings. The face is divided into three sections that should be evenly proportioned:

Forehead to bridge of nose
Bridge of nose to base of nose
Base of nose to chin

The optimum face shape is oval. This means:

The widest point is point is at the cheekbones
The face narrows gradually down to the jaw

How to measure your face?
Tie or pin your hair back off your face. Wear a low neckline. Stand in front of a mirror. Using a water soluble market pen, draw the outline of your face onto the mirror. Stand back and look at the result. Is your basic face shape oval or round? Does your face have angles? Is the overall shape balanced? Does your face seem long? Is it wide at the top, narrowing down to a pointed chin?

Your proportions
Standing in your original position, look at the outline of your face drawn onto the mirror; mark the position of the bridge of your nose. Then draw another line at the base of your nose, and check the proportions.

Turn to the side and look at your facial profile. Is there any feature that stands out disproportionately, such as your forehead, nose or chin?

If your face shape and proportions are balanced, and you are happy with your profile, continue reading below;

The best way to minimize a high forehead is with a fringe, whether full, layered or asymmetric. If you have a low forehead, wear your hair off your face; if your hair naturally grows forward, ask your hairdresser to cut a fringe from the top of your head – this is known as a deep fringe to give the illusion of a higher forehead.

If you have long nose, you can use makeup to help create the illusion of a shorter nose. Highlight the nostril area with a light shade of foundation or concealer, and use a darker shade down the centre of the nose. This will make the nose appear wider and shorter. Avoid a hairstyle with a centre parting.

Apply a darker shade of foundation over the nose, and highlight the cheekbones with a lighter shade of foundation or concealer. Balance your profile with a hairstyle that adds volume to the back of your head a hairstyle that is flat at the back will emphasize a large nose.

For those with double chin, use a darker powder, such as a bronzer, to cover the offending area. To draw the eye away from the chin, emphasize your eyes or lips by using slightly brighter makeup. Anything around the neck, such as a high neckline, choker type necklace or scarf tied high, will draw attention to a double chin, so opt for open necklines, longer necklaces and loosely tied scarves.

Lastly, never wear your hair tucked behind or cut around your ears. You need volume around and behind them. Avoid earrings that make a statement as these will draw attention to your ears.