48 Gorgeous Outfits Ideas For Summer 2019

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Summer is here and with it our eternal dilemmas regarding the best suited clothes to be worn during this hot season. Fortunately, there will always be somebody around us ready to help us out by offering valuable tips and advice. The first rule we have to remember is that we can feel comfortable and enjoy the summer to its fullest without worrying about the latest trends in fashion. Trends may come and go, but items such as skirts, sundresses, shirts, tanks, T-shirts, linen trousers, shorts, capris, light slacks, bikinis or sandals are here to stay.

Whatever our personal style may be, we need to keep in mind that the main purpose of a summer outfit is not to be as revealing as possible, but to make us feel comfortable. Fabrics also play a part in our body’s well-being on the hottest summer days. Clothes made of natural fabrics such as cotton or silk are the best option, as long as they are loose enough to allow our skin to breathe.

Among the staples which will never be out of fashion, no matter what, sundresses are always a great choice. It’s a good idea to have in our wardrobe a stock of them in different styles. For instance, when going to a pool or beach, a T-shirt dress would suit best, whereas for evening parties or dinners, we could choose a halter or V neck dress.

When we think of summer, we think if holidays, outdoor activities and recreation. Thus, our summer wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a good collection of linen trousers, shorts, capris and light slacks. We can have them in a wide range of bold colors and, most important, by changing the accessories and tops, they can constantly offer us a new look.

Key elements to our summer outfits are the T-shirts, tanks and shirts. Luckily, they come in various sizes and colors and it’s only up to us to pick the ones which can give us a radiant look on summer days. It would be preferable to choose sleeveless or short sleeves tops and make sure they are not tight fitting. If we want to show off some feminine curves and, at the same time, allow our skin to breathe, we can go for some form-fitted tops, yet loose enough to let the air circulate between the fabric and the body.

In what concerns the footwear, sandals with straps and soles made of fabric or leather are by far the most comfortable solution. But, if we enjoy athletic activities or working out, we can also choose some breathable sneakers.

As we can see, having the best suited articles of clothing for summer days does not mean we have to spend all available resources purchasing the latest fashion novelties. Either casual or formal wear, we can simply reuse the clothes we already have and still display a fabulous look perfect for any summer occasion.