49 Gorgeous Arm Tattoo Design Ideas For Men That Looks Cool

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One of the most popular accessories for a man these days has to be upper arm tattoo designs. They show strength and are very sexy when well chosen and done by a great artists. The hardest thing is always choosing the design and most men spend many hours picking out something that will represent them for the rest of their lives.

In this article I want to give you some advice for choosing that perfect upper arm tattoo design so that you can make a really good choice and be happy with it for years and years.

1. Old school designs like anchors and stars

To bring these old designs in to the present why not go for something in 3D. These old school designs can still look very cool and are very manly.

2. The tribal design

These slick black tattoos often get a lot of attention and the best ones come from the Maori tribes. You can find a lot of inspiration on Google images but I would suggest that you find out what any tattoo means before inking because you don’t want to upset anyone. The upper arm is the perfect place to get one of these tribal designs because there is a larger amount of flesh to be working with.

3. The heart

You have a couple of options here. The first is to depict a hear with an arrow through for a man who has been unlucky in love and the second is to show a heart made of rock for the man who is a committed bachelor.

4. Animal

A very ancient symbol of strength and a perfect design for your next tattoo. The Lion is a great idea as the mythical king of the jungle, and if you have aspirations to be an alpha male this can work a treat.

5. Dragons

I saved this one till last because they are they most popular option for the upper arm. They are often based on Japanese designs and you will have a whole load of different designs to choose from.