36 Charming Minimalist Outfits Ideas To Inspire Your Style

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One of the most important trends, is the minimalist trend. As the name suggests, the minimalist trend involves clothing which is understated and unassuming. The idea behind this trend is that less is more, so we are looking at outfits which have crisp cuts, and are free from busy patterns and fabrics. These outfits won’t be attention grabbing in the usual sense, but will stand out as a result of their fresh and unique characteristics.

Some of the top designers such as Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana have created designs which follow the minimalist trend, and are made up of outfits with clean lines and cuts. There is no one particular colour which works for this trend, but some of the most common include grey, black and camel. Neutral shades are also commonplace with this trend, and white is looking to be one of the most popular colours. This is not a rule though, you can also carry off the minimalist trend with bright and vibrant colours.

Outfits to look out for with the minimalist trend, include suits and occasion dresses which are simple but also have a luxurious feel to them. They may have a post modern look, and have sharp geometric cuts which will add to their unique quality. The beauty of this trend is that it gives the impression of someone who isn’t trying too hard, and is relaxed and comfortable in their style. Within the minimalist trend, you can also incorporate another key trend, which is colour blocking. You can particularly make use of neutral colours together, such as camel and ivory.

If you are looking to try this trend, but are not sure where to begin, some ideas of outfits to wear include; a crisp white shirt and plain grey skirt, a camel coloured jumper with fine detail and a subtle seam line, a pair of camel coloured everyday trousers and a simple dress in colours such as grey, white and camel, with subtle details.

When trying this look, it is also a good idea to keep your make up and accessories quite minimal. You want to dress the whole appearance down and keep it fresh, so stick to neutral coloured make up and a look which is fresh and uncomplicated. All too often we see ladies who are heavily made up, so this look is a refreshing change and will make you unique from the crowd. As small waist belts are so popular this season, it is a good idea to add one to your minimalist outfit and this will also help to accentuate and make the most of your waist. If you are opting for a camel coloured outfit, then a similarly coloured handbag will go really well.

The great thing about the minimalist trend, is that it takes little effort and can result in a seamless and fabulous look. Anyone can try this trend, which is set to become more and more popular.


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