40 Elegant Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Brides To Try

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A beautiful bride has beautifully done up hair. Your poker straight hair might work for all the receptions you have attended, but it’s not going to be enough when you are the bride.

Hairstyles for the Mehendi
The Mehendi is one of those ceremonies where your hands are tied, literally. You can’t use your hands to brush your hair away from your face or to push a lock of hair behind your ear. While, a bun sounds like a great idea for the Mehendi, remember that you may just have to go to sleep the way you are to let the henna dry and a bun is going to be a very pokey affair. So, get your hair neatly braided by someone who knows how to do it. You can always opt for a French braid as long as it doesn’t give you a headache. You can adorn your braid with jewels and funky hair accessories. And since you will be around your friends, you can get a little cheeky by using accessories such as playboy clips, chop sticks etc.

Hairstyles for the Main Wedding
During the main wedding, your hair is usually braided down. If you are a North Indian bride, the braid goes under a stole and so, you need to make sure that it is not so tight that it ends up hurting you. Make sure that whoever is decorating your hair, doesn’t pin the flowers and jewels too tightly into your hair. If you are having a Christian wedding, you will wear your hair in a bun and you need to make sure that this is not pulling at your hair.

Hairstyles for the Reception
Yes, you can always go with poker straight hair. It will look very elegant. But if you want to jazz it up a bit, you can get yourself a small bouffant on top, continuing down into straight hair, which finally ends in curls. Of course this will only work if you have really long hair.

You can also choose to have your hair going down your back in waves, in such a way that it frames a bit of your face and yet allows the prettiness to show through.

The most elegant look for the reception though, is a French Twist. A well done French Twist, adorned with a jeweled clip or a fresh orchid will make you look very sophisticated and chic.


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