Why You Should Try Lash Extensions

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Why You Should Try Lash Extensions

Do you feel like your everyday routine is taking up too much time? It’s about time to change things up. One way to simplify your morning makeup routine is by having lash extensions. They are synthetic lashes that are applied one at a time to the natural lashes, giving them length and volume for an instant eye-opening effect. There are many benefits of lash extensions, including being able to have longer, fuller lashes without mascara or false eyelashes! This will save you in both money and product usage in the long run. Major plus!

Do you want to know more? Keep reading below for all the reasons why it may be worth giving lash extensions a try!

  • Lash extensions are an excellent way to add some glamour and drama to your look: If you feel like every day is the same, you are not alone. It can be very easy to fall into a routine where your morning makeup routine does not take up much time or thought at all! Having lash extensions will help you switch things up for an instant glam factor. Simply apply some mascara and go if that’s what you want! Or have more of an enhanced nighttime look with eyeliner, eyeshadow, and blush/bronzer. This will make you feel like a new and improved version of yourself!
  • Lash extensions do not use harsh chemicals: One great benefit to having lash extensions is that they will save your eyelashes from the harmful effects of mascara, curlers, and removers. Some people may think that lashes need to be curled frequently or aggressively with an eyelash extensions curler, but this can actually weaken them. They also require different types of makeup remover, which contain chemicals such as acetone-based products, which are known for their drying effect on the skin. With lash extensions, there is no more worrying about this since they last so long, and applying mascara only takes seconds anyways! If you want beautifully natural-looking lashes without much effort, then give it a try today!
  • The application process takes about 45 minutes: Lash extensions typically last between two weeks and three months, based on how quickly they grow out naturally. The entire process usually takes around one hour because each individual extension has to be applied by hand. This may look like a long time, but it only needs to happen once in a while. Moreover, the time invested into the lash extensions will be worth it for all of their benefits!
  • You can choose to still wear make-up: The benefit of lash extensions at home is that you do not have to go completely makeup-free. You are able to apply your regular mascara over the top of the lashes if desired. This will allow you to have longer, fuller lashes without removing or adding much time into your daily routine!
  • Lash Extensions save your routine makeup time: They can also help with everyday tasks like driving and putting on mascara because they are so lightweight. You won’t have any trouble doing these things anymore once you start wearing lashes daily! There is no need to fret about smudging or clumping either since many of us don’t even notice we’re wearing them after a while – they become second nature like an extra layer of eyelashes that look natural but perfect at the same time! It’s definitely something every girl needs in her beauty routine.
  • Lash Extensions can save your wallet: Lash extensions are also great because they don’t require as much mascara application, meaning less product is needed, and it will last longer! This means you won’t have to constantly repurchase products like mascaras or eyeliners, which saves money in the long run too.

Lashes aren’t very expensive either – a full set (which goes from one lash line above your eye to another) generally costs around $100-$150 dollars on average, with most salons offering specials for first-time customers that help lower prices even more. You might be able to get lashes done once every couple of months instead of having them filled every two weeks like some people do (and spending way too much time at the salon).

  • Extensions will help lengthen your eyelashes so they appear longer: Lash extensions can also help give you a more youthful appearance. They will help your lashes to stand out and will be great for those who might have shorter or sparse eyelashes. You can also curl them once they are applied, which is something that won’t happen with regular mascara.
  • One thing people love about extensions is how natural they look! Oftentimes lash extensions are made of synthetic fibers designed to imitate real hair – meaning the appearance looks very similar to if you were wearing false eyelashes but without all the hassle. No need for glue or special tools required either- many salons offer clients adhesive tabs, so there’s no messing around trying not to hurt yourself while applying them at home (or worse yet, dealing with a botched job

There is no risk of allergies: Since lash extensions are made of synthetic fibers, you don’t have to worry about any allergic reactions. You can even get lash extensions if you wear contacts and don’t want to take them out (although we always recommend doing so at night). Plus, there’s no need to worry about spending a lot of money on lash extensions either. As long as you take care of the lashes, they can last up to six weeks.

  • Lash Extensions Lasts Longer: Lash extensions stay on longer than regular mascara or false lashes because they attach directly to your natural eyelashes, which means the weight you’re adding is much less. And if one extension falls out, it doesn’t take all your other ones with it; when an individual lash falls out, only that single strip will be lost and not the entire set! This way, you don’t have to constantly worry about gluing them back in like you would with false lashes (and constantly checking in the mirror). Visit flutter habit, make your eyelash extensions last longer with quality glue.

Conclusion: Overall, lash extensions are a great way to give your eyes an instant makeover without having to do too much. If you want the look of longer lashes with less product and time spent applying them, then this is worth giving a try!