How To Dress For 55-Degree Weather

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As a general rule, when temperatures drop below 60 degrees, it’s time to break out the sweaters, coats, and all the other cold-weather gear. But what about when it’s 55 degrees outside? It’s not quite cold enough for the winter wardrobe, but it’s too chilly for shorts and a tank.

Finding the right outfit for those in-between temperatures can be tricky. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are our tips on how to dress for 55-degree weather.

Layer Up

The key to staying comfortable when the temperatures are in the mid-50s is layering. Start with a lightweight, long-sleeved shirt, like a t-shirt or a button-up. Then, add a lightweight cardigan or sweater, depending on how warm or cold you feel. You can even throw on a jean jacket or a light blazer if you need an extra layer.

Pants and Jeans

When it comes to picking out bottoms, the options are endless. You can opt for a pair of jeans or chinos to keep your legs warm. If you want to keep things more casual, try a pair of joggers or leggings. For a more dressed-up look, go for a skirt or dress with opaque tights.


Accessorizing your outfit can be a great way to add some warmth and style. Try a cute scarf, a wool hat, or a pair of gloves to keep you toasty. If you want to add some color, a brightly-colored bag or pair of shoes can do the trick.


When choosing shoes for 55-degree weather, go for something that’s both comfortable and stylish. A pair of ankle boots are a great choice, as they’ll keep your feet warm without looking too bulky. If you want to go for a more casual look, try a pair of sneakers or slip-on shoes.

Fabrics to Avoid

When dressing for 55-degree weather, there are certain fabrics to avoid. Steer clear of thick, bulky fabrics like wool and corduroy, as they’ll make you too hot. Also, avoid lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton, as they won’t provide enough warmth.

Stay Warm and Stylish

Dressing for 55-degree weather can be tricky. But with the right combination of layers, accessories, and fabrics, you’ll be able to stay warm and stylish all day long. So, break out your sweaters, coats, and all the other cold-weather gear and enjoy the cooler temperatures!


When temperatures drop to 55 degrees, it can be tricky to find the right outfit. But with a few tips, you can stay warm and stylish all day long. Layer up with lightweight shirts, cardigans, and jackets. Choose pants or skirts with opaque tights. Accessorize with a scarf, hat, or gloves. And don’t forget to wear comfortable yet stylish shoes. With these tips, you’ll be ready to face the cooler temperatures in style!