Can You Wear Black At A Wedding?

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Can You Wear Black to a Wedding? We Have the Fashion Answer Who What


Wedding season is upon us, and we all know what that means – hours of scrolling through online stores to find the perfect outfit to wear to your friend’s special day. But what if you stumble upon a beautiful black dress? Can you wear black at a wedding, or is it a fashion faux pas? Let’s dive in and explore this topic.

The History of Wearing Black

Traditionally, wearing black to a wedding was a big no-no. Black was seen as a color of mourning and was only worn to funerals or other solemn events. However, times have changed, and the fashion industry has embraced black as a chic and sophisticated color. Still, some people believe that wearing black to a wedding is disrespectful or bad luck.

Why Black is Okay to Wear

The truth is, wearing black to a wedding is perfectly acceptable – as long as you do it right. A black dress can be elegant and stylish, and it’s a color that flatters most skin tones. Additionally, black is a versatile color that can be dressed up or down, depending on the formality of the wedding. Just make sure to avoid anything too revealing, and pair your dress with colorful accessories to add a pop of color.

When to Avoid Black

While black is generally acceptable to wear to a wedding, there are some situations where it’s best to avoid it. If the invitation specifically states a dress code, such as “black tie” or “cocktail attire,” it’s best to follow those guidelines. Additionally, if the couple has requested that guests wear a specific color or theme, it’s important to respect their wishes.

Other Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

Wearing black to a wedding isn’t the only fashion mistake you can make. Avoid wearing anything too casual, such as jeans or sneakers, and steer clear of anything too revealing or flashy. It’s also important to avoid wearing white, as this color is reserved for the bride. If you’re unsure about what to wear, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and dress conservatively.


In conclusion, wearing black to a wedding is perfectly fine – as long as you do it tastefully. Keep in mind the formality of the event and any dress code guidelines, and accessorize with colorful accents to add some flair. Ultimately, what you wear to a wedding should make you feel confident and comfortable, while still respecting the couple’s wishes and traditions.


Is it ever appropriate to wear white to a wedding?

No, it’s never appropriate to wear white to a wedding. This color is reserved for the bride, and wearing white as a guest can be seen as disrespectful.

What should men wear to a wedding?

Men should wear a suit or dress pants and a button-up shirt to a wedding. The formality of the event will determine whether a tie or jacket is necessary.

Can I wear jeans to a wedding?

No, jeans are too casual for a wedding. Even if the event is more informal, it’s still important to dress nicely and avoid anything too casual.

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