8 Short French Tip Nails: The Latest Trend In Nail Art

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Are you tired of the same old manicure? Do you want to try something new and trendy? Look no further than short French tip nails!

French tip nails have been around for decades, but the latest trend is to keep them short and sweet. This style is perfect for those who love a classic look, but want to add a modern twist.

What are Short French Tip Nails?

Short French tip nails are a manicure style where the nails are painted with a nude or light pink base color, and the tips are painted white. The tips are curved, resembling the shape of a smile. Unlike traditional French tip nails, which are long and pointed, short French tip nails are kept short and square.

How to Achieve the Look

Short French tip nails can be achieved at home or in a salon. Start by filing your nails into a square shape. Apply a base coat of nude or light pink polish, and let it dry completely. Using a white nail polish, paint the tips of your nails, curving the line to resemble a smile. Let the polish dry completely, and finish with a top coat for added shine and protection.

Why Short French Tip Nails are the Latest Trend

Short French tip nails are becoming increasingly popular because they are versatile and easy to maintain. They are suitable for all occasions, whether it’s a day at the office or a night out on the town. Plus, because they are short, they are less likely to break or chip, making them perfect for those who are hard on their nails.

Tips for Maintaining Short French Tip Nails

To keep your short French tip nails looking their best, it’s important to maintain them properly. Keep them clean and dry, and avoid using your nails as tools. When applying lotion or other products, be careful not to get them on your nails, as this can cause the polish to chip or peel. And, of course, don’t forget to touch up your nails regularly to keep them looking fresh.


Short French tip nails are the latest trend in nail art, and for good reason. They are versatile, easy to maintain, and perfect for any occasion. So, if you’re looking to switch up your manicure game, give short French tip nails a try!


Can short French tip nails be done on natural nails?

Yes, short French tip nails can be done on natural nails. However, it’s important to keep your nails healthy and strong to prevent breakage.

How long do short French tip nails last?

Short French tip nails can last up to two weeks with proper maintenance. However, touch-ups may be needed in between to keep them looking fresh.

What colors can be used for short French tip nails?

Short French tip nails are typically done with a nude or light pink base color and white tips. However, you can switch it up and use different colors to make it your own!

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