How To Wear Boots With Dresses

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How to Wear Ankle Boots with Dresses PureWow

How to Wear Boots with Dresses – 2023 Fashion Tips


Boots are a versatile footwear option that can be paired with various outfits, including dresses. Whether you want to achieve a casual or chic look, boots can add an extra touch of style to your ensemble. In this article, we will provide you with some fashion tips on how to wear boots with dresses in 2023.

1. Choose the Right Boot Length

When selecting boots to wear with dresses, consider the length of the dress. If you’re wearing a short dress, ankle boots can be a great choice as they won’t overpower the outfit. For midi or maxi dresses, knee-high or over-the-knee boots can create a stylish and elegant look.

2. Play with Colors and Textures

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and textures when pairing boots with dresses. Opt for contrasting colors to create a bold and eye-catching outfit. Additionally, try mixing textures such as leather boots with a flowy dress to add visual interest to your look.

3. Consider the Dress Style

The style of your dress also plays a role in determining the type of boots to wear. For a bohemian or romantic look, pair a floral dress with suede ankle boots. If you’re going for a more edgy vibe, a leather dress with chunky combat boots can be a great choice.

4. Add Layers

In cooler weather, layering can help you incorporate boots into your dress outfit. Pair your dress with tights or leggings and add a cozy cardigan or jacket. This not only keeps you warm but also adds depth and dimension to your overall look.

5. Choose the Right Heel Height

The heel height of your boots can affect the overall aesthetic of your outfit. For a casual and comfortable look, opt for flat or low-heeled boots. If you’re aiming for a more polished and sophisticated appearance, high-heeled boots can elevate your dress ensemble.

6. Pay Attention to Proportions

When wearing boots with dresses, it’s important to consider proportions. If you’re wearing a loose-fitting dress, balance it out with slim or fitted boots. On the other hand, if your dress is form-fitting, you can experiment with chunkier or slouchy boots to create a stylish contrast.

7. Experiment with Different Dress Lengths

Don’t limit yourself to a specific dress length when wearing boots. Try pairing ankle boots with a mini dress for a fun and flirty look. Midi dresses can be paired with any boot length, depending on the style you want to achieve. Maxi dresses, as mentioned earlier, look great with knee-high or over-the-knee boots.

8. Accessorize Accordingly

Complete your outfit by accessorizing accordingly. Consider adding a belt to define your waist and create a more polished look. Layering necklaces or adding statement earrings can also enhance your overall style.

9. Confidence is Key

Above all, wear your boots and dresses with confidence. Experiment with different combinations, trust your instincts, and embrace your personal style. Confidence will always be the best accessory to pull off any outfit.

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