How To Cut Shorts: A Guide For 2023

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How To Shorten Shorts


Shorts are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, especially during the warmer months. Whether you’re looking to update your style or simply want to give your old shorts a new life, knowing how to cut shorts can be a game-changer. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of cutting shorts, providing you with tips and tricks to achieve the perfect look. So, let’s dive in!

Is cutting shorts difficult?

No, cutting shorts is not a difficult task. With a little bit of time and effort, anyone can transform their old or new shorts into a trendy and personalized piece of clothing.

What tools do I need?

To cut shorts, you will need a few basic tools:

1. Sharp scissors:

Make sure to invest in a good pair of sharp scissors. This will ensure clean and precise cuts, preventing any fraying or uneven edges.

2. Measuring tape:

Having a measuring tape handy will help you determine the desired length of your shorts. It will also ensure that both legs are cut evenly.

3. Chalk or fabric marker:

Using chalk or a fabric marker will help you mark the cutting lines on your shorts. This will serve as a guide and prevent any mistakes.

Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you have your tools ready, let’s go through the step-by-step process of cutting shorts:

Step 1: Choose the right pair of shorts:

Start by selecting a pair of shorts that you want to cut. It could be an old pair that you no longer wear or a new pair that you want to customize.

Step 2: Decide on the length:

Using the measuring tape, determine the desired length of your shorts. Keep in mind that you can always cut them shorter later, so it’s better to start with a longer length.

Step 3: Mark the cutting line:

Using the chalk or fabric marker, mark the cutting line on both legs of the shorts. Make sure the line is straight and even.

Step 4: Cut the shorts:

Take your sharp scissors and carefully cut along the marked line. Be cautious not to cut too much at once, as it’s easier to trim off more fabric later if needed.

Step 5: Try them on:

After cutting, try on the shorts to see if they are the desired length. If you want them shorter, make additional cuts until you achieve the perfect fit.

Step 6: Finish the edges:

To prevent fraying, you can either sew a hem along the cut edges or use fabric glue to secure them. This step is optional but recommended for a neater finish.

Step 7: Customize further (optional):

If you want to add some personal touch to your shorts, you can consider distressing them, adding patches, or even painting designs on them. Get creative!


Learning how to cut shorts is a valuable skill that allows you to personalize your wardrobe and stay on-trend. With the right tools and a little bit of practice, you can transform any pair of shorts into a unique fashion statement. So, grab your scissors and start cutting!

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