36 Romantic Rustic Winter Wedding Invitations Ideas

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How do you imagine your winter wedding? Is it just like every other wedding, or is it playful and spirited, with whimsical decorations, a special menu, and unique bridesmaid jewelry full of charm? If the second one sounds more like your style, get the ball rolling with a whimsical winter wedding invitation.

What sets an invitation apart from the pack is being a little different. Or sometimes even a lot different. It depends on the size of your guest list and the size of your wedding stationery budget. If you have a small guest list and a large budget, you can do some really creative things. One fantastic idea is to have relatively large gingerbread cookies made in the shape of a chapel.

They can be decorated with the traditional white icing in fanciful patterns to create an edible wedding chapel invitation. You could write the wedding details right on the cookies with icing, or if that does not allow enough space, overlay the gingerbread chapel cookies with a piece of vellum printed with the invitation details.

Of course the whole creation will need to be carefully packaged to ensure that it arrives in one piece, but what a unique (and tasty!) way to invite your friends and family to join you for your winter nuptials.

Another fun idea for a non-paper winter wedding invitation is to have a professional calligrapher write the wedding details on large Christmas ornaments. The frosted glass balls will make the best backdrop, and they are easy to write on. Tie a large festive velvet or tartan bow to the top of each ornament as an extra festive touch.

Again, careful packaging will be key so that your amazing invites arrive safely. This would be a spectacular invitation for a holiday theme wedding where the bridesmaids are wearing traditional velvet dresses with claret crystal bridesmaid jewelry.

There are certainly some charming winter wedding invitations made in the more traditional paper format. A cute idea for a cozy reception in a rustic ski lodge is stationery made with a classic red and white Nordic ski sweater pattern. You could even customize it with a monogram across the top that is designed to look like it was knit.

Yes, there really is a knitting font available for both Macs and pcs! It would look wonderful to present the invitation in a brown paper envelope tied up with a red piece of yarn. Everyone would definitely get the style of your wedding from these special invitations.

A very sweet design for a whimsical winter wedding invitation is a letterpress design featuring a pair of reindeer with hearts hanging from their antlers. Choose a chic brown and pink color palette to take the reindeer motif away from its Christmasy associations. A pair of reindeer with interlocking antlers is another charming motif. Think of it as the winter version of a pair of lovebirds. It is both romantic and whimsical at the same time.

Unique and playful invitations will help set the tone for your wedding. From DIY to custom to imprintables, there are some charming options available for the offbeat winter bride. Make the most of your only chance to make a first impression with a special winter wedding invitation that no one will ever forget!