35 Modern Rustic Winter Wedding Flowers Ideas

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You may look at all the colorful spring and summer wedding arrangements with longing and admire the way fall flowers compliment each other, but winter wedding flowers can be the most beautiful and inspiring of all.

Any good florist will tell you that one of the most recognizable features of a winter wedding is usually a uniform color palette. Arrangements during other seasons will feature a vast array of colors, but winter usually brings large elegant bouquets of a single choice flower, such as red roses.

You will realize that you can most likely find any flower you wish for your special day, no matter what the season, but the price will be much higher in the winter months for flowers that are not in season. But once you realize what potential lies in winter flowers, you will not once turn back. Winter offers a variety of beautiful flower choices and holidays to enhance their use. If you need some inspiration, here are a few ideas to help get you started:

Holiday Weddings: Christmas and New Years are some of the most anticipated holidays of the season. What could make it more enjoyable than a wedding? Using Christmas flowers in your wedding will be festive and beautiful, and it will help cut cost. There are many options to choose from including Poinsettias, Holly, Amaryllis, and Fir trees or branches.

A holiday wedding can be transformed using Christmas flowers and decorations. Many choose to use large numbers of fir trees intertwined with glittering white lights. This creates a stunning background for any ceremony. Of you may choose to make your holiday wedding a more elegant affair featuring lots of red roses.

The holidays can inspire you to add a lot more detail to your floral decorations. This is the season for glittering stems and picks, big shiny bows, and shimmering candlelight. Little touches like these can add so much to any winter wedding.

Winter Colors: Obviously white would be a popular winter wedding color choice. White is now the most popular and stylish wedding color of all. You may wish to add some silver or gold highlights to add to the season. Or you could go for a winter wonderland style wedding using an icy blue color.

Winter wedding are known for using different options in place of the traditional bridesmaid bouquet. For instance, you may choose to have them carry lanterns or pomanders down the aisle. This is a welcome change that could no be more fitting any other time of year.

Symbols of Winter: Use the winter elements to your advantage. This will give your wedding more of a wintry feel. Think of pine cones, wooden stems, and berry branches. Holly, Ivy, and fir branches are also welcome additions. These are also very easily available and inexpensive.

There are so many options available that could make your wedding perfect, but what really matters is what you think about it. Use your own personal style and creativity to come up with a memorable winter wedding that you will look back on with fondness for a lifetime.