49 Best Winter Engagement Photo Ideas

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Many couples these days choose to have professional engagement photos taken. Whether you need them for a newspaper announcement, or just want them as a keepsake, you will want your engagement photos to look their best. For tips on picture perfect engagement photos, read on…

Your engagement photos can be done for a variety of different reasons, and in many different styles. Whatever the circumstances, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. For instance, the bride and groom-to-be should wear clothing that is similar in terms of style and formality. You don’t want to wear matching his-n-her tracksuits, but nor should the bride wear a silk dress and her fianc√© a pair of shorts. In other words, you should make an effort to look like a couple without going overboard.

How formal your engagement photos should be will depend in large part on how you intend to use them. If they are for a newspaper, then you may wish to err on the side of more formal and traditional. The bride can wear a pretty dress, maybe even with some of her wedding jewelry, and the groom should wear a button down shirt with a tie, and perhaps even a jacket. Some newspapers, such as the New York Times, have very specific guidelines for engagement or wedding photos, so be sure to find out about any requirements before paying to have your photos done.

Engagement photos can also serve as a trial run. It is a fantastic way to audition a photographer that you are considering hiring for your wedding. You will have a chance to see if his vision and style matches your own, as well as to find out if he is up to par in terms of his professionalism, the quality of his photographs and prints, as well as how long it takes him to get pictures back to you.

Feel free to use your engagement photos to test out other things, as well. For instance, the hairstyle that you have in mind for your wedding might be too fancy for the engagement pictures, but it is a good opportunity to test the skills of a hairstylist. In addition, if you are thinking of wearing a special piece of jewelry for your wedding, this will be a chance to see how it looks in photos. You might just find that the extravagant pair of chandelier earrings look fantastic in photos, or that the very dainty necklace you were thinking of wearing disappears in print. Better to find out before the wedding.

Make your engagement photos reflect something about you as a couple. One of the nicest ways to personalize your photographs is to have them taken at a location that is meaningful to you. Perhaps it could be the park where he proposed, or the golf course where you had your first date. Your pictures can also capture a shared passion, such as a love for skiing or horseback riding. This will make your engagement photos much more special than if they were taken in a photographer’s studio.

Lastly, think of some fun ways to use your great engagement photos. You could put them on your save-the-date cards or enlarge one to display at your wedding reception. Engagement photographs can even be used as a clever way to announce your engagement – take one that has a clear view of the ring and send it to your family and friends for a happy surprise.