46 Creative Wedding Ring Sets Ideas For Bride And Groom

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Wedding rings sets can be an ideal option for those couples who want a matching set of wedding rings. Are you planning on facing the world with matched wedding rings? Would a his and her rings set suit you?

Advantages of wedding rings sets:

* Cost effective. As a general rule, buying wedding rings as a complete set should cost you less than purchasing them individually.

* Match. The greatest benefit of rings sets is that the wedding rings are matched. Although often the groom’s rings may well be a bigger version of the bride’s so as to look in proportion on a bigger finger. While traditionally, a rings set involved matching rings for the bride and groom, today’s rings sets can also encompass rings that need not be identical, but share a common theme. For example, both the rings are Celtic, but perhaps the bridal ring is inlaid with diamonds.

Other options include the same design, but made in differing patterns. Matching two tone rings can be popular, with perhaps the bride having her feature metal as rose gold, and the groom opting for platinum, making them a little more feminine and masculine.

Drawbacks of completely matching wedding ring sets:

* Might be too fancy and not fancy enough. Perhaps the bride is hoping for plenty of swirls and bling. Perhaps the groom is hoping for a chunky black ring. Clearly in this instance no-one is probably going to be happy with a perfect match of the other’s ideal rings. However, incorporating part of the bride’s design as a lasered highlight in the groom’s rings could be subtle and pull them both together. Another option would be to incorporate the rose gold from the bride’s rings as a stripe in the black wedding rings.

* Might not suit both the bride and groom’s lifestyle. Incorporating the daily requirements for both the bride and groom can also become challenging if one of the couple is going to place more demands on a ring than the other. However, there are many metals that are now up to rigorous physical and chemical challenges including palladium, titanium, tungsten and ceramic.

* Matching up with other jewelry. A couple may feel that they are going to be stuck with the same color metal when one might like stainless steel and the other rose gold. Of course if one of the couple has their heart set on rose gold and the other on a black ring, some creative initiative may be called for. There are many rings styles that incorporate more than one metal, or more than one color now.