15 Most Popular Mohawk Braids With Twist

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Mohawk braids with twist, also known as cornrow mohawk, are a popular protective hairstyle among African American women.

The style involves braiding the hair along the scalp in a Mohawk-like fashion, with the addition of twisted braids on the sides.

The Mohawk braid with twist is a versatile and stylish way to protect the hair while still showing off its natural texture.

This style is particularly suitable for women with medium to long hair, as it allows them to keep their hair out of their face while adding a unique and trendy touch to their look.

How to Create Mohawk Braids With Twist

To create a Mohawk braid with twist, the hair is first parted down the middle of the head, from the forehead to the nape of the neck.

The hair on the sides is then braided in a cornrow-like pattern, using small, tight braids that run parallel to the hairline.

These braids are usually kept close to the scalp, with the braiding starting at the hairline and ending at the crown of the head.

Once the side braids are in place, the hair in the middle of the head is braided in a traditional Mohawk braid.

This braid is wider and looser than the cornrow braids on the sides, and it runs from the crown of the head to the nape of the neck.

The braids on the sides and in the middle are then twisted together, creating a unique and striking look.

To add even more interest to the style, some women choose to add colorful beads or hair accessories to the braids.

This can help to create a more playful and eye-catching look, and it can also add some extra weight to the braids, helping them to stay in place.


Overall, Mohawk braids with twist are a fun and fashionable way to wear your hair. Not only do they protect the hair and keep it out of your face, but they also add a touch of drama and flair to your look.

Whether you’re headed to the office or hitting the town, this versatile hairstyle is sure to turn heads.